Accessory manufacturer Intec, Inc. today introduced its line of Unlimited Rechargeable Wireless Controllers.

These controllers are wireless and run at an operating frequency of 2.4GHz. They feature a rechargeable battery pack that offers up to 60 hours of game time and 500 charges per pack.

When the battery runs down, users simply connect the included link cable from the controller into the receiver, simultaneously charging their controller in less than 4 hours as they continue playing.

Other features include 8 analog action buttons, 2 analog sticks with turbo function buttons, dual vibration motors with on & off vibration switches, 16 player auto-sensing technology (allows up to 16 players to play without interference), a battery-saving "sleep mode" (shuts off controller after 5 minutes of idle time), and a low battery LED indicator.

The Unlimited Rechargeable Wireless Controllers are set to begin shipping in North America on August 15th, 2005. The PS2 model will retail for $29.99.