"Hot Coffee" isn't over yet.

In an evening session tonight, the U.S. House of Representatives voted 355 to 21 in support of a Federal Trade Commission investigation into Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

The main purpose of the probe is to determine if Take-Two subsidiary Rockstar Games attempted to deceive the ESRB when it submitted San Andreas for a rating.

You may recall that last week the ESRB changed the game's rating from M to AO (Adults Only), which led to many retailers removing it from shelves. In response, Rockstar Games suspended shipments of the game and promised to re-release a version of the game with the "Hot Coffee" sex mini-game removed… bearing the "M" rating.

Recently, sealed copies of the game have been selling on online auction sites for upwards of $70–even though there are plenty of unopened copies out there (nearly 6 million copies of the PS2 game have been shipped, and nearly 1 million of the PC and Xbox versions).

PSX Extreme will keep you updated when new developments in the "Hot Coffee" scandal arise. Until then, feel free to re-visit our earlier stories: