Bandai continued their recent string of announcements, today saying that they will publish a mechanized combat RPG featuring "an original storyline and characters set in a massive alternative world of the future."

Along with the original storyline and cast of characters, this single-player turn-based RPG features fully customizable machines, vehicles and weapons. Artist Akira Yasuda, best known for his work on the "Street Fighter" series, will provide character art for the game.

The game's story:
Large mechanized machines mysteriously appear in great numbers across the globe and cause chaos and destruction. A young boy loses his friends and family in this catastrophic event. As the young boy, you will traverse the globe by air, land and sea with your team of pilots and machines to solve the mystery behind this attack and hunt down those responsible. Along the way, you will encounter new rivals and enemies while gathering allies and equipment to add strength to your cause.