Virtual Rodriguez Blasts 9 Home Runs in the Final Round to Take the Title
While Albert Pujols’ 2-2 Effort and 2-run Homer Garner the MVP Award. At least that's how MLB 2006 sees this year's All-Star game.

The gang over at 989 simulated the mid-summer classic, where the squad of National League all-stars combined speed on the bases
and a prolific 4th inning to pound out an 8-6 victory. Albert Pujols took
home the MVP honors after a flawless effort against the best pitchers in
the league. Pujols hit a two-run shot in the 4th and added a 2-run double
in the 7th to finish the game two for two with 4 RBI. As it stands, in
reality, the NL holds a 41-32-2 edge in the 76-year-old tradition, but from
the results of the MLB 2006 simulation on PlayStation 2, they look poised
to make it 42 victories overall.

In MLB 2006’s Home Run Derby simulation, Ivan Rodriguez, the local
favorite, rode home field advantage to a much-celebrated victory. He
blasted 9 homeruns in the final round, out slugging all competitors, to the
riotous cheers from the fans in an exquisitely detailed recreation of
Comerica Park. David Ortiz had the longest shot of the day, making highlight reels as he blasted a pitch 465 feet into right