Strategy RPG publisher NIS America announced today it has shipped Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana for the PS2. Atelier Iris is the first title to come to the US from the popular strategy RPG series from Japanese developer, Gust. The Atelier series was first launched in Japan on the PlayStation in 1997.

In Atelier Iris, players create their own items and weapons, each with unique powers, appearances, and abilities. Players take the role of a young alchemist named Klein Kiesling, who must travel the world of Regallzine to unlock the hidden secrets of alchemy.

Features of Atelier Iris include:
Customize your weapons and items with the help of spirits called Mana.
Hand drawn 2D backgrounds combine with detailed character animation.
Over 300 creatable items.
Action controls allow players to run, jump, and attack like in an action game.