At a pre-E3 event today, Capcom took the wraps off of two new offerings for the PS2:



is an action game that sounds as though it draws a little inspiration from Koei’s

series as players will be able to choose from a variety of warriors to do battle with, each of whom has his own fighting styles and magic attacks. Not much else is known about this game, except that Capcom is shooting for a 2006 release.

As for

, Capcom is resurrecting this popular beat-‘em-up series by bringing players back to Metro City—where the other

games took place—and casts them in the role of Kyle, the brother of Cody (who you might also recognize if you’re a

fan). Instead of side-scrolling brawling, however,

is a much more open-ended game and portrays Metro City as the big metropolis that it’s always thought to have been.

Our guys are already in the City of Angels, and we’ll be hearing more about these and the rest of the E3 lineup as we move through this very busy week. Stay tuned.