Atlus USA is preparing to deliver another RPG for PS2 owners, and this one sports some nifty character designs from Hyung Tae Kim, a pretty well-known Korean artist.

takes place on the continent of Efferia. A conflict between humans and the human-like Yason has been raging for 30 years. The game’s protagonist, Calintz, heads up a mercenary unit which is preparing a lethal strike on the Yason base to try and end the conflict, but a chance meeting during the fighting could change the continent forever.

Sounds gripping, right?

In any event, Atlus is boasting some nice features, including a 50+ hour quest, a real-time battle system, CGI cutscenes and full voiceovers, and something called the Magna system, which is presumably where the game’s magic system kicks in.

is being developed by Softmax and is currently on track for a winter release. We love RPGs here at PSXE, and we think many of you do, too… so keep checking back for more details on this promising game.