2K Sports has announced their E3 lineup, and it’s a varied one, with five PS2 games being shown:




, and


Of particular interest on this list are



is considered by many to be the spiritual successor to SEGA’s

series, and it’s been quite some time since the PS2 has seen a quality tennis game. As for

, 2K Sports promises the ability to play against real WPT players in real WPT venues, plus the game is said to have authentic WPT TV commentary and presentation.

The other three games should sound familiar to all sports fans, as Visual Concepts will continue to march on with versions of college and pro basketball and pro hockey. It will be interesting to see how Visual Concepts handles the presentation for these games, now that ESPN has flown the coop.

We’ll be taking a look at these and many other games as E3 gets underway officially later this week.

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