Good news for fans of Ty the Tasmanian Tiger–today, Krome Studios and Activision Value Publishing inked a deal to co-publish the next installment in the series.

Currently in development at Krome Studios, Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 3 will be made available for the Sony PlayStation(R) in fall 2005.

The game will continue to thrill, excite and immerse players while still retaining the good-natured humor and kid-friendly fun the series is best known for and injects a fresh, new appeal that caters to the masses. Like its predecessors, TY the Tasmanian Tiger 3 will feature a unique array of interesting native animals inspired by the Australian Outback including the loveable TY, who is based on the thought-to-be-extinct Tasmanian tiger.

In the game, TY and his mates face their biggest challenge yet — an otherworldly invasion by an ancient evil known as the Quinkan. With Bush Rescue disbanded, TY begins the challenging task of reforming his team and leading the fight against the dark oppressors. In this next chapter, players will embark on a series of engaging missions and challenges filled with new and upgradeable weapons — including his trade mark boomerang collection — and vehicles. TY's new adventures will take him into a shadowy world full of dangerous creatures, and will see him face bigger and badder enemies.

TY the Tasmanian Tiger 3 will offer increased multi-player support and will feature several technological upgrades to further enhance the overall gameplay experience.

Krome Studios will unveil the game at the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2005, to be held next week at the Los Angeles Convention Center from May 18 – 20.