Although Spring is finally getting its act together across lots of the Northern Hemisphere, EA Canada is still very happy thinking about winter. They’re such fans of snow that they’ve just confirmed a new entry in the popular SSX snowboarding series.

SSX On Tour, due this fall, is slated to play just like it sounds. Players will create their own boarders and literally take them on tour across new and former SSX boarding locations as they increase their skills, earn some cash, and trick out like there is no tomorrow. Although details are still limited, it seems as though EA Canada wants to focus on letting players determine which career path that their on-screen counterparts will follow.

The SSX series began in 2000 on the PlayStation 2, as a launch title, and has spawned sequels across multiple platforms—most recently SSX 3 back in the fall of 2003. Needless to say, EA will be showing this one off at E3… and we’re adding it to our itinerary.