According to the latest projections released by Sony, they expect to sell twelve million units of the PSP and the PS2 by the end of the financial year, which ends March 31st, 2006. You read that correctly – 24 million units combined.

If Sony meets these sales numbers, the PS2, having already sold over 80 million units, will be just shy of the 100 million mark – an impressive feat indeed. The PSP, which has currently sold about 3 million units will then have an installed base of 15 million.

As far as sales dats for the last quarter is concerned, Sony shipped 6.1 million PS2 systems, which is actually 1.2 million more than even Sony predicted. This large number is blamed on the shortage of systems during the holiday season.

Sony shipped 50 million PSOne and PS2 games during the quarter, along with 4.4 million PSP titles. The numbers for the PSOne and PS2 games exceeded Sony's original projections by almost 12 million units.