In a totally unsurprising move, Ubisoft has announced that Prince of Persia 3 is currently in development. The game had been previously mentioned in a product catalog released by the company last month, so it was no shock to finally get the official word.

This game will take place after the events in Warrior Within, where the Prince returns home to Babylon to find it razed and his people in arms against him. He finds that an entity called the Dark Prince has come into existence, a being which will force him to vast inner conflicts.

"By combining two playable characters in a masterly balanced gameplay, with the perfect mix of acrobatic moves and a compelling storyline, the Prince of Persia will appeal to both Sands of Time and Warrior Within fans alike. The Prince is back to reclaim his kingdom, and he has a few surprises in store…" said John Parkes, EMEA Director Marketing at Ubisoft.

Prince of Persia 3 will be released on the PS2, GCN, PC, and Xbox in the second half of 2005.