The supernaturally cute people at Namco-Hometek announced today that Katamari Damacy 2, the sequel to 2004's classic clump-rolling game, will be published in North America for the PS2 later this year. The title for this new game will be… WE LOVE KATAMARI.

No word yet on the exact ship date or whether the English version will have any bonus features over its Japanese counterpart (which ships early this summer).

In "We Love Katamari," players will find themselves in various new locations around Earth as the Prince and his cousins roll up different katamaris according to the fans’ requests. "We Love Katamari" continues the series’ trademark graphical style and musical excellence with an original soundtrack and hundreds of brand new items including Koi fish, angels and famous Earthly landmarks to roll up. The Prince’s celestial rolling has no boundaries; as his katamari grows larger, he can roll up literally everything in his path–from underwater creatures to mountains and even the Eiffel Tower itself!

Players will be able to roll with a friend in the all-new two-player cooperative mode. With each player controlling part of the clump, they will have to devise new strategies and communicate their rolling intentions in a new level of katamari madness. Battle Mode has also returned to "We Love Katamari" in extended form with three size scopes for competitive rolling action.

GREAT NEWS! Check out our screenshot gallery here .