KOEI has revealed they are working on Romance of the Three Kingdoms X and Colosseum: Road To Freedom, two historically-themed games exclusive to the PlayStation 2.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms is the latest installment in KOEI's
long-running Historical Simulation Game series. The game covers nearly one
hundred and forty-seven years of Chinese history starting with the fall of
the Han Dynasty at the end of second century A.D. The game is scheduled to be released in North America in June 2005.

The Action-RPG, Colosseum: Road To Freedom takes place in Rome, after the death of Caesar Marcus Aurelius, where the citizens of Rome enjoyed the carnage and violence of gladiator games. Road To Freedom will allow you to experience first-hand the thrill of fighting in these gruesome spectacles, as well as the hardships of training as a slave. A July 2005 release for North America is planned.