Namco sent out a mass mailing to press outlets yesterday unveiling the first details on the next installment in the Soul Calibur franchise.

Instead of bogging our readers down with a litany of useless words, we've distilled the info packet down to the nitty-gritty details…

Soul Calibur III Details:

That's right–Soul Calibur III will be released exclusively for the PS2. At least, at first. The press release leaves open the possibility of a later release on other consoles.

Of the three new fighters, one is male and two are female. The lone new chauvinist of the bunch is Zasalamel, a dark-skinned Egyptian man who fights with a gigantic scythe. Meanwhile, the new lady warriors are: Setsuka, a kimono and sandal wearing girl that fights with an umbrella and short-sword; and Kira, a Xena-like warrior that uses a sharpened metal hoop as her weapon of choice.

One bit of info that was notoriously absent from the release, and which our sources at Namco wouldn't comment on, is whether or not Soul Calibur III will feature Online play. We hope so.

Namco plans to release a complete run-down of the game, including video footage, in about a month or so (just in time for E3 in May). Until then, feast on some screenshots .