The unusual March rush of good games is looking to continue, as TimeSplitters Future Perfect has gone gold for the PS2, Xbox and GameCube The game is rated M for Mature and will carry a retail price of 49.95.

The developers promise a host of features for the game, including:

• A deep story mode taking players from a 1914 Scottish castle to the frontlines of a robot war in 2243.
• Innovative “meet and assist yourself” gameplay – where you team up with past, present and future versions of yourself for the ultimate in teamwork.
• Online multiplayer action for up to 16 gamers on Xbox Live and 8-player action for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system, in 11 unique online game modes, including Deathmatch, Shrink, Thief, Capture the Bag, Virus, Vampire and more.
• Co-op mode allowing gamers to play through the entire single-player game with a friend.
• Deep Arcade and Challenge modes offering dozens of mini-games and offline multiplayer action.
• More than 150 playable characters, from robotic super soldiers and Cold War commandos to zombie nurses and pistol-packing monkeys
• Easy-to-use Mapmaker tool allowing players to create their own single and multiplayer levels and share them online for endless replay value.
• More than 40 era-specific weapons and vehicles – from time disruption grenades and giant mechs to flare guns and machine-gun mounted trucks.

We'll have a review of the game shortly, so check back with us to see how close "Future Perfect" is to perfect.