Media Create has released the latest sales information for the week ending Feb 13th. Looks like PSP games are selling pretty well, now that you can actually find a system.

1. DragonBall Z 3 (PS2, Bandai)
2. Catch! Touch! Yoshi (DS, Nintendo)
3. Sawaru Made in Wario (DS, Nintendo)
4. Popolocrois: Pietro Ouji no Bouken (PSP, Sony)
5. Super Mario 64DS (DS, Nintendo)
6. Shin Bakusou Dekotora Legend (PS2, Spike)
7. Mario Party Advance (GBA, Ninendo)
8. Radiata Stories (PS2, Square Enix)
9. Biohazard 4 (GC, Capcom)
10. Shinsen Gumi Gunrawden (PS2, Sega)
11. Another Century's Episode (PS2, Banpresto)
12. Gran Turismo 4 (PS2, Sony)
13. Super Robot Taisen 2 (GBA, Banpresto)
14. Everybody's Golf Portable (PSP, Sony)
15. Pokemon Emerald (GBA, Pokemon)
16. Monster Hunter G (PS2, Capcom)
17. Shin Sangoku Musou (PSP, Koei)
18. Dragon Quest VIII (PS2, Square Enix)
19. Ridge Racers (PSP, Namco)
20. Mario Party 6 (GC, Nintendo)

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