The Tekken franchise is 10-years-old. To honor this anniversary, Namco and Hori are teaming up to bring you a limited edition Tekken 5 bundle when the game ships in March.

Tekken 5 Premium Edition will retail for $99.99, and include a copy of the game, a custom joystick peripheral, and a special collectors case that you can use to store all 6 games in the Tekken franchise (assuming you already own the previous games).

Neither company has released an image of the joystick yet, but our sources tell us that it will be a modified Hori Fighting Stick 2 customized with a Tekken 5 arcade style button layout and original artwork. The Hori Fighting Stick is well-liked by arcade enthusiasts for its quick response and realistic "feel," and usually sells for roughly $50 on its own.

The Tekken 5 premium bundle set will be available at a limited quantity of 20,000 at specialty retailers beginning on the launch day of the software. As part of the pre-order program at Electronics Boutique, GameStop, and Game Crazy, players will receive a collector’s edition art book that features the art of Tekken spanning the 10-year history of the franchise. The book is available while supplies last and delivered upon purchase of the game.