Midway did the unthinkable this past summer when they acquired rights to publish the Unreal franchise, leaving Atari/Infogrames without a huge franchise under their belt. Now Midway has announced that many of their next-generation products will be using the Unreal Engine 3. Three of Midway's studios are already using the engine, including the Austin/Texas studio, the Chicago/Illinois studio and Surreal Software. But Epic will be doing more than just lending their engine to Midway, they'll also be accommodating the Midway studios with various assets and tools to help "further Midway's strategy to align itself with the top development technology and talent in the industry".

"Great next-generation games will be defined by how far they push the envelope in terms of graphical prowess, evolved artificial intelligence, and revolutionary online functionality beyond what gamers are currently experiencing," said Midway CEO and president David F. Zucker. "Our obtaining the use of Unreal Engine 3 empowers us to begin today to produce great next-generation content. Our internal studios are already in the process of creating incredible products with the Unreal Engine 3 technology in multiple genres."

"We are especially gratified that Midway, a major publisher committed to developing high-quality games for both next-generation console and PC platforms, in numerous styles and genres, came to us seeking the right to use Unreal Engine 3 as a basis technology for its enterprise," said Mark Rein, vice president of Epic.