About five months ago,

of the case of Sony Vs. Immersion, a force-feedback joystick manufacturer that had taken both Sony and Microsoft into court alleging that both companies had infringed on its force-feedback technology.

You'll recall that a jury voted in favor of Immersion and awarded the company roughly $82 million dollars in damages.

Today, the judge finally ruled in the case, upholding the jury's decision. The Californian district court has also ordered Sony to pay a 1.37 percent license fee based on sales of the PlayStation console and of the games named in the suit, to be paid quarterly effective from July 1st.

Sony plans to appeal.

Microsoft reached a settlement with Immersion last summer. In the agreement, Microsoft actually purchased a stake in the company through a transaction involving stock shares. One stipulation of the settlement called for Microsoft to reclaim $30 Million if Immersion ultimately prevailed against Sony.