Late last week, our own Arnold Katayev received his import copy of Gran Turismo 4. Since then, communication has been sparse, but we have received a few semi-coherent messages from the bleary-eyed gamer. Here's what we were able to piece together.

"I've put around 40 hours into it in…uhh…4-5 days of actual gaming, and im only 12.2% in. I have so many cars too…"

"I'm not going to make any cliche remarks about the game. I'm not going to tell you "OMG dis game iz teh digital crack!" But seriously though, if I was crack addict…wait, hold on. I'm almost done with this race."

"The car selection is incredible. but im bummed that there are no Maximas. You'd think Nissan's best selling vehicle would appear."

"Aaron's asking me for some quotes about GT4 and I'm trying to play the game. Yes, I know I should give it a rest. Yes, I know 45 hours in a span of 4 gaming days is borderline obsessive, but a man's got needs! Aaron just doesn't respect my needs."

When pressed for more details on the game, Arnold simply replied "Brb" and never returned. We figure his thumbs can only hold up for a few more days, so expect some impressions on the game later this week.