If you're up late tonight wondering how many units each system sold in Japan last week, you're in luck, as we've got the latest sales data from Media Create.

The PS2 was the top-selling system last year, but was followed closely by the GBA SP. PSP Sales are still a little deceiving as it's not demand that's causing the small sales numbers, but rather the small supply.

Nintendo DS: 396,674 (Annual: 1,286,074)
GBA SP: 190,268 (Annual: 2,532,107)
PlayStation 2: 188,134 (Annual: 2,799,009)
GameCube: 108,311 (Annual: 880,836)
PSP: 107,217 (Annual: 352,295)
GBA: 3,877 (Annual: 196,478)
Xbox: 704 (Annual: 36,976)
PSOne: 90 (Annual: 14,063)
Wonder Swan Crystal: 76 (Annual:7,478)