It's official! (and yet still vague)

Speaking to a pool of reporters today, Sony's chief technology officer, Masa Chatani, revealed that Sony plans to release the PSP handheld in Asia, North America, and Europe sometime before March 31, 2005.

Chatani did not give a specific date, but he was firm with the "before March 31st" comment.

The launch in all three regions will be a simultaneous affair, but it's almost guaranteed that supplies of the unit will be limited and a buying frenzy will commense, as Sony has previously stated that it plans to ship a grand total of 3 million PSP's by the end of March 2005 (with 500,000 already out there, that's 2.5 million to share between Japan, Asia, Europe, and North America).

Gentlemen (and ladies), start your pre-orders.