If you missed out on Spike's Video Game Awards, by most accounts, you didn't
miss much. If you're interested in some of the winners, we've got you covered,
and yes, Brook Burke did beat out Judi Dench for Best Actress, which is scary.

GTA: San San Andreas  lead the way with four awards, including
Game of the Year, Best Male Actor, Best Soundtrack, and Best Action Game.

Burnout 3 won two awards, one for Best Driving Game, and another for Most
Addictive Game.

Half Life 2 took home the Best PC Game award, as well as the
fanboy favorite, Best Graphics Trophy.

Other winners included: Halo 2 (Best FPS,
and Best Designer), Madden 2005 (Best Sports Game), and Chronicles of Riddick
(Best Game Based On A Movie).

And while Aaron neglected to mention it, Metroid Zero Mission for the GBA won Best Handheld Game. Astro Boy wuz robbed!