EA Sports BIG is contacting their e-mail list and sending it twice, all to let us know that NFL Street 2 has "gone gold," and will ship for the PlayStation 2 (and other consoles) on December 22.

Jeremy Shockey, tight end for the New York Giants, and hip-hop artist Xzibit are cover boys for the game, which will include online play and seven new game modes that weren't in the previous NFL Street.

Similar to NBA Street, the NFL Street franchise is a high-flying take on football that allows no-look grabs, diving tackles, ball stripping, and sick "Game Breaker" moves where players can launch themselves through the defensive line and make cinematic touchdowns.

Another new feature is the "Own the City" mode, where you can create a player, give him skills, buy him hip-hop gear, and take control of various cities. Apparently, you'll be able to import those custom players into Madden NFL 2006 next year.

Other added features include 12 new fields, an enhanced selection of "wall" moves, and dozens of extra NFL legends.