Courtesy the ELSPA, here are the latest sales charts in the U.K.

1)Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas—Take 2
2) FIFA 2005—Electronic Arts
3) Pro Evolution Soccer 4—Konami
4) Tony Hawk's Underground 2—Activision
5) Burnout 3: Takedown—EA
6) Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005—EA
7) LMA Manager 2005—Codemasters
8) Star Wars Battlefront—LucasArts
9) The Sims 2—EA
10) Shark Tale—Activision
11) Pokemon Fire Red—Nintendo
12) Pokemon Leaf Green—Nintendo
13) Crash Twinsanity—VU Games
14) Def Jam Fight for NY—EA
15) Rome: Total War—Activision
16) Fable—Microsoft
17) X-Men Legends—Activision
18) Total Club Manager 2005—EA
19) Colin McRae Rally 2005—Codemasters
20) Spider-Man 2—Activision

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