Official word from Sony Computer Entertainment regarding the release date, price, and launch line-up for the PSP in Japan.

1) Sony's portable video game unit, the PSP, will be released in Japan on December 12, 2004.

2) The system will retail for 19,800 yen, which, depending on the exchange rate at the time, should be roughly US$185-200. The part # for this pack is PSP-1000.

3) For 5,000 yen more (~$45), you can buy a PSP bundle pack (PSP-1000K) that includes a 32MB memory stick, a set of headphones, and a carrying case.

4) The December launch line-up will include 21 games. Some marquee titles include:

5) Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (Square-Enix) and Metal Gear Acid (Konami) are on track for release in January and February, respectively.

Click here to see some images of the PSP value package.