KOEI has revealed that Kessen III is in development, and will ship to retailers in the First Quarter of 2005. They announced that the first Kessen sequel in four years will be exclusive to the PlayStation 2.

"A long-awaited sequel, Kessen III signals the rebirth of the series
and will feature evolutionary changes in gameplay," said Amos Ip, Vice
President of Sales & Marketing at KOEI Corporation.

KOEI promises several sweeping changes to the widely respected franchise.
The series' Crowd Engine that was used in the original Kessen has been
completely rebuilt to deliver the action-oriented gameplay and battle scenes in full 3D. Unlike any of the
previous Kessen games in the series, players will have direct real-time
control of troop movements, offensives, and defensive maneuvers. Moreover,
allied units can join the player-controlled unit to create combination