We have great news for those of you that love cheap games, especially those of you that adore bizarre lo-budget Japanese Games.

D3 Publisher, a Japanese developer that specializes in the "Simple" series of games, announced today that it will open an American Subsidiary in November. The subsidiary, called D3 Publisher of America, will employ only 5 people and has startup funding of just $2 million. No word yet on what game will be the company's first North American release.

The "Simple" series of games started out in 1998 and has ballooned in popularity with such blockbusters as The Chess, The Sniper, The Splatter Action, and The Women's Swim Meet. As you can tell, one of the trademarks of the "Simple" series is that each game's title begins with the word "The." Another popular feature of each game is the price, roughly 2000 yen per game, or approximately $20.

A few D3 Publisher games have previously made their way to our shores courtest of publishers such as Agetec and AI Games. Most notably, Board Game: Top Shop, Shooter: Space Shot, both for the PSOne. You've probably seen them at your local game store or supermarket at the low, low price of $9.99.

Personally, we hope the company localizes and publishes The Women's Swim Meet here in North America. The game is a laugh riot where bikini-clad women compete for your affections by participating in such activities as wrestling, butt slapping, and what can only be described as the erotic stroking of a very suggestive pole.