Sega is no more. Neither is Sammy, for that matter.

On October 1st, without much fanfare or aplomb, the merger of two game giants, Sega and Sammy, became official. The new company, Sega-Sammy Holdings, is expected to report net sales of 442.5 billion Yen (roughly US $4 billion ) for the current financial year, primarily from Sammy's pachinko gambling machine business.

(FYI, pachinko is a game played by dropping metal balls into the top of a machine and watching as they bounce off levers and bouncers into prize holes at the bottom of the machine.)

The new company is headed by Hajime Satomi, Sammy's CEO, and Kenkichi Yoshida, Sammy's president and a former designer for Sega. Sega president, Hisao Oguchi, will become the company's executive vice president.