A couple weeks ago, PSX Extreme posted

of Namco's quirky ball-rolling puzzle game, Katamari Damacy.

In the preview, we predicted that the game might end up in short supply since niche games like it tend to have small production runs and get buried by higher-margin games that are competing for shelf time.

It looks like the prediction has come true.

Today, Gamespot ran a story outlining the game's lack of availability in the San Francisco area . And, just from reading various message boards, it looks like Katamari Damacy is sold out everywhere. The typical story that most people have reported is that stores received 3 or 4 copies, which were immediately snapped up by curious purchasers who were turned on to the game by word of mouth.

The main reason PSX Extreme is posting this blurb today isn't to toot our own horn, but to do a public service to our readers.

First, to encourage you to read the PSX Extreme review of Katamari Damacy to learn in-depth why so many people have fallen in love with it.

And second, to point out one very important piece of information that was in the Gamespot article.

Brian Schorr, the Sales Channel Manager at Namco Hometek, told GameSpot: "Our initial orders were filled and demand has already resulted in re-orders from most specialty retail outlets. We are working closely with retailers to make sure that Katamari Damacy is readily available."

You hear that? Namco is going to produce and ship more copies of Katamari to stores that have placed re-orders. So don't go buying five copies hoping to re-sell them on eBay as a rare game. Don't cruise the town like a crazy person looking for a copy for yourself. And certainly don't log onto eBay and pay $40 or more for it when you can just place an order at your local shop and wait it out for the MSRP $20.

Sorry to interrupt such a slow news day with common sense ravings.