As planned, Sony of Japan revealed the mystery game that Ico director Fumito Ueda and his team have been hard at work on for the past couple years. The bad news: it isn't a sequel to Ico.

Wanda and the Colossus will follow the exploits of a young female islander and her recently-befriended comrade, a 60-foot tall giant. No word yet on the rest of the story or of how the game will play, but sources suggest it'll involve a good mix of walking around, horseback riding, and absolutely thrashing entire armies with the Colossus' giant club. Visually, the game will have the same sepia-toned look and heiroglyphic art style that Ico did, which should please fans that were hoping for a direct sequel.

Sony will show the game off at the Tokyo Game Show at the end of this month. Wanda and the Colossus will be released sometime in 2005.

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