Atari has announed that they will release Atari Anthology, a round up of 85 vintage Atari games being released for the first time for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox. Atari Anthology is scheduled to hit retail shelves in November for the low price of $19.99.

"An entire generation of Atari 2600 and classic arcade game fans have been clamoring for a chance to relive that addictive fun, and now they finally can with ATARI ANTHOLOGY," said Nancy MacIntyre, Vice President of Marketing for Atari's Beverly Studio. "With 85 authentic Atari titles and all original gameplay, ATARI ANTHOLOGY appeals to a diverse audience of both dedicated and casual players alike."

The Anthology features 85 games, including 18 arcades games such as Asteroids, Battlezone, Missile Command, and Pong; 62 Atari 2600 games including Gravitar, Millipede and Super Breakout and five bonus titles, such as Off the Wall, Blackjack, Desert Falcon, Steeplechase and Sprintmaster. Adding a twist to each game are new Challenge Modes such as the psychedelic Trippy Mode, Time Warp and Double Speed, and a new 3D interface adds a modern feel to all the games.