Well, I'll be–did you know that currently the only system with video games based on the Duel Masters Trading Card Game is Nintendo's Game Boy Advance?

Apparently, someone at Atari or Wizards of the Coast finally noticed that they left the PlayStation 2 (the world's most popular console) out of the Duel Masters goodness, because the two companies announced today that development has begun on a Duel Masters video game for the PS2.

The game is being developed by High Voltage Software (also working on the upcoming Charlie and the Chocolate Factory game for Take-Two) and will feature 3D creature battles, never-before-seen creatures, an in-depth story-mode, and a two-player battle mode.

"Taking the property to the PlayStation 2 is an acknowledgment that the number of Duel Masters enthusiasts is growing and Atari is excited to meet the demand for the holiday season," said Nancy MacIntyre, vice president of Marketing and Public Relations, Atari's Beverly studio. "The power of the PlayStation 2 truly makes the Duel Masters world come alive with incredible visuals, engrossing gameplay and amazing battles that are sure to delight even the most die-hard fans."

[So, in plain English, Duel Masters fans have money to spend this holiday season and Atari got the idea that maybe, just maybe, a PS2 game would sell like hotcakes. Is "Duh" magazine back in print?]