ESPN Videogames today announced that ESPN NHL 2K5 is now available at major retailers across North America. ESPN NHL 2K5 is available for the Playstation 2 and Xbox.

"We believe we have delivered not only the most realistic hockey experience, but also the most entertaining hockey title," stated Greg Thomas, president of Visual Concepts – makers of ESPN Videogames. "With a list of compelling features, online play, online league support, and an incredible price-point of $19.99, both hardcore fans and new consumers are going to get the best NHL experience on the market."

ESPN NHL 2K5 will feature "Intense Contact Controls" allowing players to cause turnovers and upset timing of passes against opponents with quick hooks, bumps, and other contact moves to restrict the opposing team's movement and intimidate adversaries. ESPN NHL 2K5's revamped fighting engine offers full-movement fighting with new grappling, dodging, and punching techniques.

ESPN NHL 2K5 also brings a Party Mode to the table this year. Playable up to four players, Party Mode consists of 15 hockey inspired mini-games that are easy to pick up. Party mode mini-games range from the scoring fest Free-For-All, racing events like The Gauntlet, contests like the team-based passing contest Pass With Caution, and many more. Playable online, Party Mode offers a unique and addictive experience for both casual and hardcore hockey fans.

ESPN hockey personalities Gary Thorne and Bill Clement return to lend their talents, which will give the game a real ESPN feel. Players can play against top player picks from ESPN personalities and hockey celebrities in Dream Team mode. Dream Team mode pits the player against a ladder system of 20 teams hand-selected by Martin St. Louis, Jeremy Roenick, Chris Drury, Chris Berman, Steve Levy and many more.