Here they come — the fall game season always kicks off with sports games leading the charge. The past few weeks, it was ESPN NFL 2K5 and Madden NFL 2K5. This week, golf fans have something to spend money on, as Sony has just released Hot Shots Golf FORE!, the fourth installment in the wildly popular Hot Shots Golf franchise.

Developed by Clap Hanz, Hot Shots Golf FORE! offers players the ability to participate in head-to-head play and real-time tournaments via the Network Adaptor (Ethernet/modem). There's also an off-line mode for up to four players.

Hot Shots Golf FORE! includes more golfers and caddies than ever
before — 34 in all featuring new off-the-wall characters, returning favorites, and popular PlayStation 2 characters (Jak, Daxter, Ratchet, and Clank).

During gameplay, players can enjoy a variety of 15 different courses, ranging from challenging 18-hole layouts to demanding par three executive courses. Miniature golf also returns to the franchise adding more variety to the gameplay.

In addition, players can test their golf skills in several
different modes including Tour, Tournament, Versus (VS) Mode, Training, and online play. "Hot Shots Points" is also back where players redeem points to unlock more prizes than before including advanced golf equipment, new courses, characters, and tons of wacky golf gadgets.