Eidos has announced that Championship Manager 5 will, for the first time ever, be released on the PlayStation 2. Championship Manager 5 will be available for the PC in October of this year, while the console version will launch in spring 2005. Currently in development by Gusto Games, Championship Manager 5 will allow players to choose their favorite club and then “manage it to glory, dealing with everything from transfers and training, to tactics and the media.” The on-screen action will be viewable via a “2D match engine.”

Jonathan Kemp, European managing director of Eidos, said, "This is a great opportunity for us to build upon the phenomenal success of the Championship Manager brand by taking it to a whole new audience. We have long been aware of the great demand among PlayStation 2 owners to experience the world's most successful and realistic football management game. Our new technology being developed for Championship Manager 5 has been designed in a way to enable a faithful recreation of the Championship Manager experience on PlayStation 2 and Xbox."