With little fanfare, Capcom has pushed back the release dates for two of their much-anticipated PlayStation 2 products.

Monster Hunter , a squad-based shooter set in Dinosaur times, was initially slated to drop on August 26th, but will now hit retail on September 21st. The buzz is strong for this game, particularly because it allows players to go online and get a group of friends together for some rough and tumble dino-hunting (think SOCOM with T-Rexes).

Also, Street Fighter Anniversary Collection has been pushed back to August 31st — which is a scant 2 weeks beyond its initial calendaring. ( Yes, I made that word up )

For those that don't know, Street Fighter Anniversary Collection is a 2-pack of games. Disc 1 includes Hyper Street Fighter II , which is an amalgam of the classic SF2, SF2:CE, SF2: Turbo, and Super SF2: Turbo games. The "Street Fighter II" animated film is also on the disc. Disc 2 contains Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike , which has been a favorite of tournament players since its debut back in 2000.