Home Video Essentials (a division of Rentrak Corporation) has released a preliminary list of the top renting videogames for the week ending July 18, 2004.

1. Spider-Man 2 (PS2) Activision
2. Driv3r (PS2) Atari
3. NCAA Football 2005 (PS2) EA Sports
4. Spider-Man 2 (Xbox) Activision
5. Driv3r (Xbox) Atari
6. Red Dead Revolver (PS2) Rockstar
7. NCAA Football 2005 (Xbox) EA Sports
8. Need for Speed: Underground (PS2) Electronic Arts
9. NBA Ballers (PS2) Midway
10. Red Dead Revolver (Xbox) Rockstar

Spider-Man 2 continues to dominate, pulling in $745,758 in earnings last week. NCAA Football 2005 has made a big splash on the rental chart. The PS2 version scored $465,706 in rental earnings, while the Xbox game clocked $221,179. Not bad considering both games came out midway through the week.

Need for Speed: Underground continues its run on the rental circuit, with the PS2 version coming in at #8 on the list, and earning $162,595. Somewhere out there, there are a ton of people who could've probably bought the game outright by now rather than renting it for 8 weeks. Or perhaps it's like The Ring , where people feel compelled to rent it and show their friends. Which is it?! Oh no, zombies!