We have to thank NBC Affiliate, WAVE 3 , of Louiseville, and reporter Eric Flack, for introducing us to this story…

A Louisville, Kentucky woman was arrested and her husband remains on the run–both are accused of running over and beating the woman's brother, who the couple alleges stole a PlayStation and other toys from their kids.

On July 7th, investigators say Pat Graves was run over by a small SUV in the alley behind his home. Police say the victim was dragged 30 feet by the vehicle carrying two of his family members, Kelly Lynn Woods [his sister] and Charles Woods [his brother-in-law]. According to Louiseville Metrol Police, after the pair ran over him, the couple got out of the vehicle and proceeded to beat him with sticks and pipes.

Pat Graves has a shattered ankle, broken back and a broken arm. The suspect and his wife are facing felony assault charges. Graves' sister told friends they ran over and then beat her brother because he stole a Playstation and some other toys the couple had bought for their kids.

You can read the full story here .

Tough to tell what's worse in this story, that the victim stole a PlayStation and toys from some kids, or that the parents retaliated with a full-scale beat down. You have to admit one thing, at least–the beating is highly reminiscent of games such as Double Dragon, Final Fight, and Grand Theft Auto .

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