In last week's poll we asked, "what kind of gamer are you?" From your responses, we gather that most of the people that visit PSX Extreme play games on a regular basis.

A whopping 43 percent of you identified yourselves as hardcore or super hardcore gamers — the kinds of gamers that rent or buy everything in sight, and who often have VERY LARGE game collections. Rock on wit' yo bad selves. Ungh!

Here's how the results broke down:

Super Hardcore – 22%
Hardcore – 21%
Enthusiast – 33%
Average – 14%
Casual – 7%
Weak Sauce – 2%
I don't play games – 1%

Just one question for those of you that don't play games: what are you doing checking out a video game site if you don't play games? Some sort of techno voyeurism? I want my mommy.

Our latest poll is up on the front page , so cast a vote to tell us if you're into Konami's music games.

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