At the
Game Conference on Sept 9-10, 2004 in Austin, Texas, Sony will give its most
detailed technical discussion yet on programming for the PlayStation
Portable (PSP). This week Sony announced the PSP will support Talkman,
which translates spoken input into another language and plays it through
the console's speaker, and Sony also said the PSP's wireless technology
would allow up to 16 players to compete against each other simultaneously.

Here's a snippet from the conference website:

Programming the PlayStation Portable (PSP)
David Coombes, Senior Developer Support Engineer
Peter Young, Developer Support Engineer

"The PlayStation Portable (PSP) is more similar to a game console than a
traditional handheld. It is a powerful device for a handheld gaming
platform, and includes some innovative hardware features that will enable
new gameplay experiences."

"This presentation will detail the architecture and design of the PSP to as
great an extent as possible. Key features that will impact game design
decisions will be highlighted. This is Sony's most detailed public
technical discussion of the PSP and developing for the PSP to date!
Important production-related considerations will be discussed. Software
APIs and example program code will be illustrated."

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