Sony today announced that the PSX, which is a game console/DVD recorder hybrid has been delayed to "some time" in 2005 "because the device may not appeal to U.S. consumers." Additionally, "no schedule for beginning sales of the PSX in Europe has been set," said company spokesman Taro Takamine, although the European launch of the PSX is expected to occur in 2005 as well.

The PSX, which was released in Japan near the end of 2003 and so far, "sales have disappointed" according to analysts John Yang of Standard & Poor's in Tokyo and Eiichi Katayama of Nomura Research Institute. When the PSX launched in Japan, it made its debut without certain features that had been announced for the device, such as MP3 and DVD-RW compatibility. Now that Sony has given itself a bit more time before the U.S. launch, the company hopes to make the PSX more appealing by adding new, unannounced functions to the machine.

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