As you may or may not know by now, there will be two versions of Madden 2005
released for the PS2. One is the standard release, while the other one, Madden
2005 Collector's Edition will feature loads of bonus features and will retail at
$59.99. Here are what's included for the extra ten bucks:

-Playable classic versions of Madden, including a version from 16-bit era and
2 PlayStation versions

-Madden Trivia Challenge: Playable trivia game for 1 or 2 players with Madden
and NFL trivia with over 1,000 questions

-Madden Moments: Relive the greatest moments of the past 15 seasons. Situations
become more and more difficult until you reach the ultimate Madden Moment

-Historical Playoff Teams: Select from 15 years worth of playoff teams,
including authentic, historical uniforms

Bonus Video Content (tentative list includes):

-The Madden Phenomenon – how the Madden franchise has become a dominant force in
American culture

-Evolution of Madden art – interviews with EA artists showing game footage from
Madden versions over the last 15 years

-How the Game is Made – get the inside story on how the game is built from

-The Music of Madden – interviews with artists on the role that music plays in
the game and how Madden has launched new bands

-Production Commentary – the producers narrate a game as its being played,
pointing our key game design elements and commenting on strategy and tactics

If you already know all of this, to see a clip of the classic games in
action, just click here.

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