Namco today released two new movies from its
action-horror title Ghosthunter, which is due out in
August for the PlayStation 2.

The first of the new
movies entitled "Astral" introduces one of the main
character Lazurus' most prized ghost-hunting
tactics. Astral is believed to be the mythic 'one',
a creature both living and dead, which can be used
as a conduit between both worlds.

"Revenant" delves into the game play of
Ghosthunter and shows off its paranormal environment
and ghost effect graphics including a frightening
first-hand look into a battle between Lazarus and
several unhappy macabre spirits who have been
disturbed. Learn key elements to capturing these
demonic and paranormal beings as Lazarus engages in
combat with his cache of weapons and gadgets.

Click here to download the first movie.

Click here to download the second.

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