Two days ago, both GameStop and EBGames began listing the latest entry in the ESPN NFL series, ESPN NFL 2K5, as $19.99. Statements were issued, claiming both retailers "erroneously posted a price." Notice that sentence indicates not that the retailers posted the wrong price, but rather they posted it before they should have.

Adding more fuel to the fire, yesterday EBGames updated their front page, saying "Just announced—only $19.99!" in regards to ESPN NFL 2K5. As far as we can tell, there hasn't been any announcement from Visual Concepts. While a little confusing, there's a general consensus that ESPN NFL 2K5, the full featured follow-up to ESPN NFL 2004, will be $19.99, and online retailers just reported it too soon.

There are also rumors suggesting the current August 24th date reported by both sites is a placeholder, with the release actually planned for late July or early August in order to compete more aggressively with Madden 2005.

We were unable to reach Visual Concepts for comment, but an announcement of sorts is expected within the next few days.

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