Earlier this year, Namco released a quirky little title known as Katamari Damacy. The whole premise of the game was to roll the largest ball possible, and in classic gaming fasthion this task was tougher than anticipated, keeping players coming back for more. The title ended up selling over three times the amount Namco had originally predicted, and as such, a sequel is in the planning stages.

The sequel is expected, at the least, to offer larger and more varied environments to roll around in. More details are expected in a timely manner, as the follow up should be out by the end of the year.

As for the domestic release of Katamari Damacy, well, we're trying to find out more. Unfortunately, our attempts to reach Ross Borden, Senior Marketing Manager of Namco, have been unsuccessful, but we keep trying. We did, however, speak with Glen Cureton, Namco's Quality Assurance and Customer Service Manager. While he couldn't offer any confirmation, he did sound rather optimistic about a North American release. While it’s too early to celebrate, you may want to start planning the party – we’ll keep you updated once we learn more.

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