Last year, Conspiracy Entertainment acquired the rights to bring the SEGA Ages titles stateside. For those not in the loop, SEGA Ages titles are remakes of classic games, including remixed soundtracks, enhanced graphics, and bonus features. In an effort to gain the approval of Sony's Approval Board, IGN has reported that Conspiracy will be releasing a selection of SEGA Ages titles in two bundle sets.

Due out this fall, SEGA Ages: Classics Collection will contain Fantasy Zone, Golden Axe, Monaco GP and Space Harrier.

The other title, SEGA Ages: Phantasy Star Trilogy, which collects Phantasy Star I, II and IV, is expected circa Q1 2005.

No word yet on the other SEGA Ages titles, such as Virtua Racing and Outrun, though their collective fate likely depends on the sales of the first two volumes.

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