Unofficial cheat devices have always had interesting uses. From infinite lives to allowing imports, the devices tend to dabble in murky waters with some of their more extreme uses. Datel has taken this to a new level with their new Action Replay MAX, which allows for cheating, MP3 and DivX support, bypassing of DVD region lockout (for movies, not games), and Genesis emulation.

By installing the included MAX Media Center on your PC, you can toss a DivX movie, MP3s, or Genesis ROMs on a disc for use in an Action Replay MAX-equipped PlayStation 2.

The cool stuff doesn't stop there either. If a PS2 happens to be networked with a PC, you can stream music or video from that PC care of the Network Adaptor. Of course, you can also download new cheat codes or use Datel's online chat and instant messaging client. If you can't download the cheat codes, don't worry – you can burn them onto a CD-R or utilize Datel’s USB flash drive to transfer the codes into the Action Replay without typing them in the old-fashioned way.

The Action Replay MAX is planned for a release by the end of May, with a price set at $24.99. While there are no comments yet from Sega or Sony, it will certainly be interesting to see what develops.

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