Harmonix has always been an innovative company, and their latest title is no different. AntiGrav is an EyeToy game in which you control a hover-boarder through a type of faux motion capture

The basic control is rather simple. You move left and right through leaning either left or right. Changing altitude is accomplished by crouching and rising. We caught a glimpse of two different areas in AntiGrav, one in which you had to fly through rings, and the other in which you had to collect items through leaning in the proper direction.

Graphically, the title looks similar to the company's past titles, including Frequency and Amplitude. Due to the ruckus of the E3 show floor, we were unable to hear the music, which has always been a staple of Harmonix-developed games.

As for the future, we caught up with Alex Rigopulos, President and Co-Founder of Harmonix. He told us that they "wanted to do something different" with the EyeToy, more than just imposing a person on top of an image. And fans of their previous games can breathe a sign of relief – Alex promised us that yes, there are more music titles in the works from Harmonix.

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